In the middle of the night…

We are still trying to get a hang of feeding John in the middle of the night, changing his diaper and putting him back to bed in a good mood. When he is feeding he falls into a milk coma, but then he needs us to change his poopy diaper. After the shock of cold wipes and air hit his skin he is no longer in a happy milk-coma mood. Now daddy is with John in the living room attempting to calm him back to sleep 🙂


3 thoughts on “In the middle of the night…

  1. Try changing his diaper before feeding him, and put on some diaper cream. That way if he goes again while eating, it can wait and you can lay him down in his milk coma:-). That was our strategy! Love you guys!!

    • Thank you for saying that. I think I just needed to hear that it can wait. 🙂 We’ve been changing his diaper mid-feeding at night to wake him up for the rest of his meal, which usually works, until he poops again during the second half. Then there is that feeling of “how can I let him sleep with a poopy diaper??” ~Stephanie

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